Electirc Fryer 17+17 Litre [80 X 73]


ProductID: 1937

Product Information

Electirc Fryer 17+17 Litre [80 X 73]

Capacity 2 Wells each of capacity 17 litre
Manfacteur AISI 304 armored stainless steel heating elements which can be turned 90° to facilitate the cleaning of the tanks
Feet 4 Adjustable feets
Body On Cupboard
Well 2 indipendent tanks 17+17 lt.
Thermostat Thermostatic regulation of the temperature from 90° to 190°C with indicator light which shows when
Safety Safety thermostat with manual reset unit
Model 7FRE-34
Company OFFCAR
Manufacturer   ITALY

Other Technical Details

Dimension 80 x 73 x 90 cm
Length(L) 80 cm
Depth(D) 73 cm
Height(H) 90 cm
Power 33
Volt 380 V
موديل 7FRE-34
المُصنع OFFCAR
بلد الصُنع  

تفاصيل تقنية اخرى

الأبعاد ٨٠ x ٧٣ x ٩٠ سم
العرض ٨٠ سم
العمق٧٣ سم
الأرتفاع٩٠ سم
القدرة الكهربائية ٣٣
الفولت ٣٨٠